EXCLUSIVE: Possible Host Cities for Eurovision 2020 – Edition #1

Hi there! I’m Teun – welcome to my new blog series. Here, I will be showing you the main landmarks of various Dutch cities and giving the A-Z on how and where to go in the cities. Today, we’re going to look at ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


‘s-Hertogenbosch (also known as) Den Bosch, is the first possible host city for Eurovision 2019. This city is very important to me because it is my home town (which also means I’m the expert!)

Where would Eurovision take place if it is hosted Den Bosch?

It will be taking place at the Brabanthallen. The Brabanthallen are 8 different halls in one complex. In the largest hall more than ten thousand people can sit and stand. The greenroom can’t be in this hall than because than it is to small but we have seven halls left so in one of them can be the greenroom and the rest can be used for the dressing rooms, conference room, press centres e.t.c. It’s big enough to organise the Eurovision Song Contest easily.

Where is Den Bosch?

Den Bosch is in the south of the Netherlands and is the capital of North Brabant, a province in the Netherlands. It’s 30 minutes from Eindhoven by car, 45 minutes from Utrecht, one hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol (Amsterdams airport) and it takes one hour and twenty minutes via the train. Den Bosch is easy to reach from other places around The Netherlands.

Can Den Bosch organise a big contest like this?

Yes they can! They have hosted some massive events, but I think if Eurovision is coming to Den Bosch Eurovision will be the biggest yet! They have organised the Tour the France in 1996 – Yes that is a long time ago, but I come from Den Bosch and I know the city can do it – and currently Den Bosch of the Worldwide Archery Championship.

Hot Spots of Den Bosch

Here are my favourite spots in Den Bosch, which I would definitely recommend you visit if Eurovision is held here.

This is the Parade in the centre of Den Bosch. At this square is the Sint Jan Standing, the most beautiful cathedral in Den Bosch! Also at this square is the theater at the Parade sitting. This is the main theater of Den Bosch. There are some café’s at the square too.

This is the Markt, which is a larger square than the Parade. At this square there are some café’s and restaurants and a convenient hotel, which would be good if Eurovision was hosted here. By car and bike, it’s only seven minutes to the Brabanthallen. Sometimes there is a market at the Markt. Markt is the Dutch version of a Market Street.

This is the stadium of the local football club FC Den Bosch. It’s not in the Eredivisie (that’s the main class of the Netherlands football, with Ajax – PSV and Feyenoord) but it is in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, which is the league just below Eredivisie. In my opinion, football at Den Bosch is not the best, compared to many other, stronger teams in The Netherlands.

It is not really a Hot spot, but the station of Den Bosch! It’s a large station. This is maybe the first place you will be seeing of Den Bosch. In the station there are some shops, like a Hema and a Appie to visit. In the left of this picture is also a Burger King, which could be convenient if you’re visiting and a bit peckish. The Den Bosh station is very useful, but be aware the station has two exits, so be sure to take the right one! It is the bigger one, not the smaller one.

Next Friday, I will be back with a new Dutch city, of which I cannot reveal! See you then!

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